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About us

AlMustaqeem General Trading Company is the pioneer of all kinds in foodstuff and has been in global market since 1987. Based in Mogadishu-Somalia, Al Noor Al Mustaqeem is the mother of Mustaqeem Group of Companies which unities Somali-owned companies, all based in Somalia and in UAE .To name some: Mustaqeem Shipping and Logistics (Youngest Member ), Mustaqeem Enterprises, Mustaqim Shipping Agency, Al Noor Al Mustaqeem General Trd LLC (Mother company of the group), Mustaqeem Foodstuff LTD.

Al Noor AlMustaqeem General Trading Companies is a group of large  conglomerate of companies having operations worldwide and business interests in diversified fields. Since it is inception in 1990, the group has built on it is infrastructure to launch and diversify into business like, Governmental Contracts Organization Contracts, Real Estate, Agriculture, Shipping, Port Agency, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing &logistics, Air Freight, Food stuff , Gas Oil  And Electronics. We enjoy an impeccable reputation for financial Integrity, Discipline, Reliability, Trustworthiness and Product delivery.

The group covers mainly Somalia regions, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Djibouti , West Africa, Guinea-Conakry, Gulf Region, China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

Each business entity is separate business in itself and has a separate profit-centre. Each company is dedicated to delivering services to the highest industry standards to Customers, principle and vendors. With our heritage of quality products & Services, Al Noor Al Mustaqeem is considered today as one of the prestigious & fastest growing companies in the region operating in 10 plus countries with number of associates and in different format of business. Our 10 subsidiaries are spread across five major focus business categories:

  1. General Trading & Distribution
  2. Retail &Services
  3. Real State & Engineering
  4. Contracts
  5. Shipping & Freight Forwarding

General Trading & Distribution is our passion . We are the proud agents for many international brands in Somalia. Our Brand consist of Kanny milk powder, Abuwalad biscuits, Crystal detergent, Foster Clark’s, Himmalay Herbals, Perfect cosmetics, Dabure international and many more .Our strength lies in protecting the value chain in return to giving our valued customers the best prices with a guaranteed quality assurance to tailor made needs. Our philosophy lies in sustainable partnership with absolute transparency with business ethics. Our strategy revolves around hunting for golden handshakes around the global, which will eventually create WIN-WIN business model to cater to diversified market needs.

Thanks to our vast experience of the management team headed by Managing Director, Mr. Muhumed Hussein diblawe has enabled the company to embark on its expansion programmed to increase its market share in the foreign market.

 Today we are recognized one of the largest general trading company in Horn of Africa and Gulf regions as we expanded our activity in gulf regions, as we have been  registered in Gulf regions as licensed company particularly  in Dubai UAE from“”29/01/2003”” to facilitate the importing and re-exporting of our products and perform the requirement of our customers, by supplying  to our branches and to our clients.

We are recognized as a highly reputable supplier and trader of wide of range of imported and re-exported food products and are associated with premium quality products. All imported and re-exported products of  “ALNOOR ALMUSTAQEEM GENERAL TRADING (L.L.C)” are manufactured under very stringent quality control environment to preserve their nutritional values.

Throughout the years we have successfully established a large and wide business network worldwide, East African countries have been the traditional market of ALNOOR ALMUSTAQEEM GENERAL TRADING (L.L.C) product. 

We import our products from, Asia and Europe and the countries we have direct business relations includ: NETHERLANDS, TURKEY, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, CHINA, INDIA, PAKISTAN, GULF REGIONS, BRAZIL and much more…

Today our trading brands are widely recognized in the worldwide. Therefore A new trading of gas oil launched in  2004 with regard of our nature of business as we are registered general trading and have the authority of trading any type of product,

We have recorded fast consumer acceptance. Wide demands range offers more choices to satisfy different market segment.

Retail & Services is where our creativity lies . We are specialized in Interior designing catering to all designs & Build types . the regions best branded retails , international organization, commercial developers and most discerning private domestics clients have trusted our sustainable services in the lines of logistics, clothing, fishing, warehousing & cold storage ,interior designing, furniture &recreation.

Real Estate & Engineering is one of the large business sector where Al Noor Al Mustaqeem has really performed well . This sector is managed by group of Engineers lead by the most experience talented engineer in the region H.E Eng. Ali Ahmed Owke. Our specialization areas include:

 Consulting Activities

  • Feasibility studies
  • Assessment and preliminary studies
  • Planning and designing of projects
  • Supervision of design and construction
  • Management and project control

 Construction Contracts

  • All civil works
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Roads and Airports
  • Geometrical and environmental engineering works
  • Ports

 As well as Commercial Valuation, Residential Valuation, Machinery & Business Asset Valuation, Development advisory and Really state Research, Project and Building Consultancy  And  wells drilling  in desert regions and towns where the poor and suffering people’s residences. Contracts Al Noor Al Mustaqeem General Trading Company  has obtain several Governmental, Organizational and Humanitarian Contracts in all the different  divisions of it is operation. Since it is inception Al Noor has successfully implanted thousand of contracts in all it is operational areas. This include Governmental, organizational and also UN contracts. the most recent once include the following:

SHIPPING CONTRACTS WITH WFP: – Al Noor Al Mustaqeem was granted shipping contract in 2009 by WFP, Nairobi to transport food and non-food items from South Africa, Dar Es Salaam, Mombasa, Djibouti, Dubai To Mogadishu, Barbera and Bosaaso Ports in Somalia . Since than the company retain and built good relationship with WFP and obtained several other Transport Contracts both Sea and Land in Punt Land , Galmudug, Somaliland and from Mogadishu to southern Somalia regions. In the year 2009-2012 The company transported around 150,478 Metric ton of food and non food assorted products from South Africa, Dar Es Salaam, Mombasa and Djibouti to Mogadishu port, Berbera port and Bosaso port. We also Loaded by track 93,898 Metric ton  of WFP cargo in Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya as well as from Kenya to Uganda, South Sudan, Congo and Burundi. We also offered stroge for WFP in Mogadishu. we also constructed some warehouses, and done some renovation and fencing  works in WFP compound in Mogadishu Somalia .

Today the Company mangers WFP warehouse in Mogadishu port

IOM Contract:-Has  participated Banadir Rahabilitation tender offered by IOM and won the contruction of 2 Districts namely ABDIAZIZ DISTRICT and WARTANABADA DISTRICT  in Mogadishu Somalia

ICRC Contract:- Has obtained transportation contract from ICRC in the year 2012 for transporting the goods from their warehouse in Mogadishu to the distributional centers in Mogadishu as well as from Nairobi warehouse to Galmudug, Punt Land and Somaliland

UNICEF Contract :- also obtained 9 month transportation contract from UNICEF in Somaliland for transporting their  goods from their warehouse to the final distributional points in Somaliland. Al Noor Al Mustaqeem built some prefabricated houses for UNICEF.

From 1994 to 2008, we implemented construction contracts and prepped agricultural land in Somalia

Distribution Contract: In2011 we obtained distributional contract from Mumias Sugar company to distribute their product throughout Kenya.

Comesa Contract:- In 2012 we obtained distributional contract from Commesa Sugar Company to distribute their Sugar throughout Kenya.

EWASO NGIRO:– In 2012 we obtained contract from EWASO NGIRO NORTH DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY  in Kenya for supplying Rotary Rig from India& Belgium to Kenya. Shipping & Freight forwarding ALNOOR ALMUSTAQEEM GENERAL TRADING (L.L.C) is involved shipping  business. Al Noor Al Mustaqeem   serve as shipping Company, since there is no any shipping line facilities in Somalia for the sake of stability, we endeavor to cover the nation’s need of shipping facility in Somali. After collapsing of the central Somali government Al Noor was one of the very view Somali own companies who started to introduce the lunch service and break bulk cargo services if not the fast .

Today Al Noor Al Mustaqeem General Trading is still actives in conatirized shipping and have very close relation with Perma Shipping Line which is the only shipping line surving in Somalia . We also do freight forwarding and clearing services in UAE, Kenya, Djibouti and Somalia .

    Our Services

    Our services run deep and are backed by over 20 years of experience in this field of General Trading, providing door-to-door services to our clients. Our company, including its sister companies, operate in China, Somalia and United Arab Emirates. Our hardworking nature earned us hundreds of loyal clients around the world.



    We buy and sell (trade) all kinds of foodstuffs like: Rice, sugar, flour, macaroni, oils, and other types of food products, as importer and re-exporter to reach deferent destinations.
    Building Materials

    Building Materials

    Corker cheats, sheets, woods, paints, building metals, nails and wires and other building materials.
    Import & Export

    Import & Export

    Sea, Air and Land Freight, customs brokerage and Clearance, Exhibition Logistics, NVOCC activities, Project and Bulk cargo, personal effects /Relocation services, Ro/Ro services, Air chartering.


    As with our construction, our proven process is applied to our smaller scale additions, renovations and home improvement projects. We offer the same quality, attention to detail and customer service whether our clients are renovating a bathroom, installing a new kitchen or adding a two story addition to an existing home. Our process is scalable and our service is consistent.


    Houses, hospitals, facilities; small or large, real states, archirecture, government building.


    As we are one of the WFP Somalia contractors, we supply foods and other essential things to the suffering people from Aid organizations.

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    Our numbers and statistics have demonstrated our ability to serve our clients effectively. Our numbers speak louder than words.


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